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The number of new breweries and cideries in Okanagan valley grew significantly last couple of years as well as the number of people visiting them. Tasting all of their beers can be extremely challenging. Are you ready to try?

Book your tour today a let me show you some of the best breweries I know.


Established in 2017, the Truck 59 Ciderhouse quickly established itself as a local favourite in West Kelowna and Okanagan Wine Country at large.  The quality of the cider and incredible lake views cemented Truck 59 as a go-to hangout spot almost immediately.  For couples with young families the luscious patch of green grass provided the perfect opportunity to allow their kids to run free, while simultaneously taking some time to socialize with friends.  The young, hip, and family friendly Truck 59 vibe was born!

Truck 59 Cidery

West Kelowna


We love making beer. Almost as much as we like drinking it. We love making a clean, crisp lager, just as much as making an in-your-face bitter IPA or wild ferment sour. Our tastes are constantly evolving so expect our beer selection to change right along with them. Half the fun of making beer is the feeling that there is always something new to learn lurking around the corner, and we love to push boundaries as much as we are allowed.

Hatching Post Brewery

West Kelowna

Lakesider brewing.jpg

At its core, a Lakesider is someone who is most content when beside a lake. Someone who is present in state of mind, respectful of nature and their place in it, with a natural curiosity to explore and enjoy the world around them. Lakesiders know the feeling of a warm dock beneath their bare feet, and the cooling touch of water and rocks as you wade out to have an evening swim.  A Lakesider is most at peace laying back in an adirondack chair by the lapping water as the sun sets and the campfire crackles.

Lakesider Brewing

West Kelowna

Copper Brewing Company.jpg

The brewery opened for business after a 7 month build in August of 2019 in the Landmark District of Kelowna BC. Many hours (and beers) were burnt during construction to get to opening day. After only a year of operation, Copper Brewing has found itself a great following that we can call our friends. Known to many as Darla’s living room, we truly love the people that come into our space and cannot be more thankful for the support we have. Come by yourself and experience some good laughs, great times and genuinely good beer.

Copper Brewing Company

West Kelowna

Let me show you the best of West Kelowna and create memories that you will never forget.

Tasting Beer
Beer Tasting
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